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2012 NFL Draft: Brian Quick Scouting Report

Considering Gene Smith's propensity for picking small school players and the need for the Jaguars to find a new wide receiving corps, it's hard to argue that any player in the draft makes more sense for Jacksonville than Brian Quick. So it's definitely not surprising that the Jaguars spent a lot of time on multiple days talking to Brian Quick in Mobile, AL at the Senior Bowl.

Quick, probably more so than any other receiver in the draft, has all the athleticism necessary to be a playmaker at the next level. His size and speed combination will rival those of some of the best receivers in the NFL; it will be his transition to the next level that determines his success.

Brian Quick
Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 6-4
School: Appalachian State
Weight: 222
Age: 21
Projected Round: 1st-2nd

Pros: Size and speed (4.47-4.50) combo rivals some of the league's best receivers. Deceptive speed with long strides. Excellent ball skills and ability to adjust on a ball in the air. Great hands. Flat out dominant at times at App State.

Cons: Not particularly explosive off the line and takes a few more strides than you'd like to get up to full speed. Not as clean out of his breaks, accordingly. Played at the FCS level.


At almost three inches taller than Justin Blackmon and similar, if not more, speed; Quick certainly has the athleticism and catching ability to be a dominant receiver in the NFL and small school expert, Josh Buchanan, has compared him to Terrell Owens, another small school receiver.

However, the jump from the FCS to the NFL is a large one and Quick's success will likely be dependent upon his ability to break off routes and get separation from NFL defensive backs.