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Shad Khan Hopes To Take Tarps Off EverBank Field

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan has taken no time exuding his bravado in media appearances, and it's a welcome change for most Jaguars fans. There is a definite excitement in the air as Khan is hoping to give the franchise a re-birth, hitting the reset button if you will. One thing Khan hopes to do is remove the tarps from EverBank field, according to an interview with the Sports Business Journal.

Daniel Kaplan: Do you hope to get rid of the tarps that cover some of the stadium seats? (The team covers the seats because it cannot sell them.)

KHAN: Absolutely. To me, every day I look at the tarps it is like underachieving, and I can't wait to be able to do that.

The tarps were originally place on EverBank field prior to the 2005 NFL season, reducing the stadium's capacity from close to 77,000 to just over 67,000. It's been a black eye for the team and community, and as Khan says it's a sign as underachieving. Hopefully, Khan can breath new life and help build a winner so the team can fill the entire 77,000 seat stadium like it did in the early stages of the franchise.