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Shad Khan Introduces "Children's Tickets" In Select Sections

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Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan plans on making some changes to help revitalize the Jaguars fan base. He's lowered some ticket prices in some sections and according to an interview with Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal, the team will have "children's tickets" in some select sections of EverBank Field.

KAPLAN: Are you planning new marketing and sales initiatives?

KHAN: All of the above. Some of the upper bowl, we have reduced prices. One of the strategic issues with the Jaguars is it is a young team. We don't have the second-, third-, fourth-generation fans. "I went to a game with my grandfather, and we walked through two feet of snow," - and things like that. You don't have any of those connections. This year ... if you bring a child to the game, those tickets are half price. In certain sections we are doing that ... to really develop the next generation.

I'm sure this will be a welcome addition, as I've heard some people complain about paying full price for small children, unlike most entertainment venues. Details of which sections however, were not mentions.