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2012 NFL Free Agency: Brandon Lloyd impressed with Blaine Gabbert

Brandon Lloyd joined Sirius XM Radio this morning to speak with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on a variety of subjects, but mostly about the impending free agency period which will likely feature Lloyd on the open market. During the interview (which can be heard again tonight at 11 ET) Lloyd spoke highly of new wide receivers coach, Jerry Sullivan and quarterback Blaine Gabbert:

Brandon Lloyd: "My receivers coach in San Francisco, who was very instrumental in my mentality and my preparation and how I view performing in the season, Jerry Sullivan, is back into the NFL and he’s in Jacksonville. They have a potentially, great quarterback who’s developing down there, so a lot of things are factoring in so, this is a very exciting time period."

Quote continued after the jump.

Adam Schein: "Tell me about the Jacksonville possibility, and good job referencing coach Sullivan, but on the flip side I like the hiring of Mike Mularkey, I like the new owner... I'm not necessarily sold on Blaine Gabbert. Why would that be an intriguing situation for you? Obviously you've done your research Brandon and you believe Gabbert can play."

Brandon Lloyd: "Yes he's got a lot of talent. He's got a lot of the measurables and immeasurables, I think. I don't know how they were performing within their offense and how he's progressing with his reads and timing, but from what I was witnessing last year he was making a lot of plays and he was getting the balls to the receivers, and that's the main thing for a young guy. "

H/T to Andy Willis (@ndy_willis) for transcribing the quotes

While it's questionable whether or not Brandon Lloyd will be re-signed by the St. Louis Rams, neither he nor the Rams have ruled out the possibility. He did, though, express an unwillingness earlier in the interview to rejoin the Denver Broncos because of their quarterback situation.

The Jaguars had the opportunity earlier in the season to acquire Lloyd in a trade, but instead the Rams stepped up and made a trade that ended up sending a 5th round pick to Denver to acquire the receiver. While it's possible that the Jaguars weren't interested because of the compensation necessary to acquire Lloyd, Tania Ganguli insists that the reason they didn't go after the receiver was because they "didn't like Lloyd as a player."

Lloyd, 30, was a 2010 All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection, finishing with an NFL-leading 1,448 receiving yards.