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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Gathering in Indianapolis

We continue today with’s combine primer. The 2012 NFL Scouting Combine will be held February 22-28 at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis, with the nation’s top draft-eligible players going through a series of psychological, physical and medical evaluations. With coaches, general managers, scouts and agents also gathered in Indy, it’s also the center of the NFL universe all week.

Failure is not an option for the Jaguars | February

One of the most common sports cliches of all time is, "failure is not an option," but that may actually be the case for the Jacksonville Jaguars. By all accounts and reports, Shahid Khan has been doing all the right thins as the owner of the Jaguars, and he's said most of the right things as well. From an outsider's perspective, it appears that Khan is running the team like a business, which it is, and he's empowering the "football guys" to do their jobs without interference from the top.

A chance to enhance

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Being a scout at heart, Gene Smith values this week. Yes, the hours are long. And yes, there is more to evaluating players, but the Jaguars general manager said what will take place in and around Lucas Oil Stadium over the coming days at the NFL Scouting Combine very definitely has a key place in the process. While Smith says game film and what a player did on the field always will be the most important element in evaluation, a player absolutely can solidify his draft positioning in Indianapolis.

Leading Questions: AFC South - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Who can they add to help Blaine Gabbert? No team should do more to assess the free-agent market for wide receivers than the Jaguars, who had a terrible, insufficient group last season. Mike Thomas can be a good slot guy, but if the Jaguars really want to maximize Gabbert’s chances of success in his second season, he needs his primary targets to be much better. Jacksonville has plenty of cap room, and a new staff can sell someone like Vincent Jackson on the chance to be an unquestioned No. 1 and be paid like it.