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Gene Smith Sees Jeremy Mincey, Rashean Mathis, Dwight Lowery, & Josh Scobee In Team's Future

The Jacksonville Jaguars have some of their own free agents the team will likely keep on and re-sign before free agency officially begins on March 13. Four of those players look like they are very likely to be back, according to what Gene Smith told Tania Ganguli of the FLorida Times Union. Those four are defensive end Jeremy Mincey, cornerback Rashean Mathis, safety Dwight Lowery, and kicker Josh Scobee. Ganguli asked Gene Smith specifically about those four players. "Certainly those are players that we see being a part of our future," Smith told Ganguli in Indianapolis.

"We're working through that process," Smith told Ganguli. "We've had good dialogue. Obviously this year was a little different in the fact that we had a coaching transition. In fairness to mike and our coaching staff coming in, they had to get an opportunity to know our players."

All four would be key re-signings for the Jaguars, namely the three defensive players because they already are familiar with the defensive staff and the scheme. Scobee is the most likely candidate for the franchise tag if it comes to that, but most in the know don't think it will.