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Tyson Alualu Had Knee Surgery, According to Mike Mularkey

Today in Indianapolis, Mike Mularkey addressed the media at the NFL Combine and confirmed what many already believed: Jaguars defensive tackle Tyson Alualu played the 2011 NFL season with a knee injury. Mularkey confirmed to the media that Alualu had knee surgery to repair the injury, although he didn't specify what the exact injury in the knee was.

The 2010 first round draft pick had a disappointing season in 2011, but the common belief during the season was that he was playing through a knee injury that was costing him his explosion off the line which is absolutely vital as a pass rushing defensive tackle.

Alualu had a strong start to his rookie season in 2010 before tailing off in the latter half of the year, but according to Pete Prisco he played that entire season with a torn PCL that he suffered during his first try at the Oklahoma drills in training camp.

The Jaguars sat Alualu for most Wednesday practices in 2011 due to his injury and it's very possible that we have yet to see a fully healthy Alualu on the field.