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Alshon Jeffrey Comes To Combine "Light"

Getty Images

The NFL Combine is typically the great mythbuster when it comes to players in the NFL Draft. A lot of time colleges list players much bigger or lighter than they actually are. Why? I really don't know. Sometimes that's a truth that raises some eyebrows, like when wide receiver Justin Blackmon came in just under 6-foot-1. Sometimes it's an affirmation, like when Robert Griffin III came in just over 6-foot-2. Then other times it's a big surprise when a player like Alshon Jeffrey weigh's in at 216 pounds, when the rumors weeks ago was that he was near 260 pounds. The combine tells all. Jeffrey also measured in at 6-foot-3, shorter than his 6-foot-4 listing at South Carolina with 10 1/2 inch hands that one media member dubbed "catcher's mitts".

Unfortunately, both Jeffrey and Blackmon will not be running the 40-yard dash in Indianapolis, which is what most people are curious about with those two receivers, especially Jeffrey now that he has shed the fat (get it?). Another notable was Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd coming in much bigger than most expected at just under 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds.