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2012 NFL Draft: Jaguars To Receive 7th Rd. Pick From Bengals For Reggie Nelson, Report Says

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The Jaguars traded safety Reggie Nelson to the Bengals in September 2010 in exchange for cornerback David Jones and a conditional draft pick, but after the 2010 season most assumed that the draft pick was voided because Nelson didn't reach the conditions that would warrant a pick being voided by the Bengals. However, that is not the case according to senior writer, John Oehser, who wrote about the current Jaguars pick selections in his daily O-Zone column:

"The Jaguars right now have seven draft selections - one in each round. They gave up their seventh-round selection in the trade with the Jets for safety Dwight Lowery, but they have a seventh-round selection from Cincinnati as part of the Reggie Nelson trade."

While it's certainly difficult to argue that the Jaguars won the trade considering Jones has been truly atrocious during his time in Jacksonville, Nelson's time with the Jaguars had run its course and the Jaguars getting a draft pick out of the deal albeit a 7th round pick two years later seems justified.