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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Getting to work

The office walls were bare, and behind Mark Lamping sat a small table with a coffee machine. As of mid-Monday afternoon, the surroundings in Mark Lamping’s new office were far from plush, but trappings weren’t what the first day on the job were about for the Jaguars’ new president. "I’m trying to figure out who’s who and who does what," he said.

Jaguars won't be as aggressive in 2012's free agency as they were in 2011 |

There was a lot that was unique about last year's free agency period, especially for the Jaguars. Jacksonville had holes to fill defensively and went after them aggressively. When I spoke with Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith at the combine last week, he stressed that was atypical. "What took place last year won’t be the case this year," Smith said. "It’s not a place we want to be overly active year in and year out."

Garçon, Manningham at the top of my wish list | February

The Jaguars' biggest need by far is at wide receiver. There's a couple of routes the Jaguars could take in fixing their league worst unit, but we've seen how the Jaguars have done when trying to find a top tier receiver. My solution to that problem would be to bring in multiple second tier guys. If there's an elite guy, go for him, but the Jaguars need depth as well. That's why they should be targeting guys like Pierre Garçon and Mario Manningham. They are solid receivers that make the defense focus on multiple legitimate targets.