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Janoris Jenkins: Risky invesment or buying low?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot of work to do this offseason. I think we all know that our WR corps have been working with a bare cupboard for a while now but what about our secondary? I know Gene Smith has been quoted as saying:

"I do think I’ve always been open-minded to every decision we’ve made on ability and character," Smith said. "You have to look at it case by case. I think it starts with talent. That identifies a prospect. But like I say to the scouts, 'Identifying character and competitiveness identifies a Jaguar."

As we've wondered in the past month or so, "was it Gene's preference to pick the good ole boys or did that fall on Wayne Weaver?" We can potentially find out pretty soon in the draft on one player: Janoris Jenkins.

Jenkins has a very 'decorated' past in failing a drug test, three arrests (two for marijuana), getting kicked out of Florida, and being on his way to becoming the next Antonio Cromartie. quotes Jenkins as saying that he's matured and past that now though,

Jenkins, who has four children to three mothers ranging in ages between three months and three years, said he's now more motivated than ever to find a way to provide for his children while overcoming the perceptions he has developed for himself.

Jenkins said he has sworn off marijuana, noting he hasn't smoked since before his final incident at the University of Florida. But is that enough? Jenkins is set to run his 40 yard dash here in less than 30 minutes. What he does at this combine may decide if he's worth a late first or second round pricetag. In the talent area Jenkins may be the undisputed best corner in the class.

With Mathis going down last year at his age and Cox being as prone to injury as he is if Jenkins can get his act together our CB corps would be the pride of the leage. So I ask, BCC would you take a second round flier on Jenkins?