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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Gene Frenette: Better foundation ahead for Blaine Gabbert to improve |

It's impossible to know whether Greg Olson, the Jaguars' newly hired quarterback coach, will transform Blaine Gabbert into a long-term solution at the NFL's most important and scrutinized position. There are likely more doubters than believers at this moment. What is certain is Gabbert has a much better chance to develop now than he did in a dysfunctional 2011 rookie season. For those still down on Gabbert, who went 4-10 as a starter with a league-low 65.4 quarterback rating, be mindful that he had the worst of three different worlds. There was no offseason preparation time due to the NFL lockout. The Jaguars had a deficient receiving corps that was so improperly coached, it necessitated a midseason firing. And Gabbert, the youngest quarterback in history to start 14 games as a rookie, was thrown into an environment where his own position coach had to be moved.

Tom Coughlin still the same, but different |

INDIANAPOLIS — There seem to be two Tom Coughlins. There’s the Tom Coughlin when the New York Giants are winning. He’s the one described as the coach who changed with the times and is more sensitive to his players then he used to be. Then there’s the Tom Coughlin when he’s losing. He’s the one described as out of touch with the modern player, has too many silly rules and is about to be fired.

Clean slate for Gabbert

Greg Olson sees but one way to approach his situation. To Olson, it’s not just the only fair thing for Blaine Gabbert, but the only way that makes sense in his new position. All the talk about Gabbert? The local and national criticism, the theories, the judgments? Olson said to him they matter not a bit, that he sees the Jaguars’ young quarterback with a less biased view. MJD Talks Super Bowl

The NFL's top rusher in 2011 sat down with ESPN's Colin Cowherd in Indianapolis and gave his thoughts on who would win Super Bowl XLVI. "I have to go with the Patriots because the Giants beat them in the Super Bowl and NFL Net