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Greg Olson & Blaine Gabbert Can't Work Together Until April, So They Should Cheat

The Jacksonville Jaguars hired new quarterbacks coach Greg Olson with the hopes that he will be able to work with quarterback Blaine Gabbert in the offseason. There are various mechanical things Gabbert needs to work on that will ultimately improve his game, but there is a slight problem. The two cannot actually work together or "talk about football" until April. Under the new CBA, teams cannot even have footballs on the practice field or talk about scheme, football, etc. with players until April. Even then, it's mostly just about working out and conditioning and still no scheme. So, how can Greg Olson and Blaine Gabbert get things started earlier than it's allowed?

They can cheat, of course.

Blaine Gabbert is allowed to hire a third party quarterbacks coach to work with in the offseason, which is what many quarterbacks will do to help refine things like footwork and mechanics. So, how is this quarterback coach supposed to know what to work on with Gabbert? All it would take is for Olson to find out which quarterback guru Gabbert will hire and instruct him on what to work on with Gabbert. That's legal, right? I mean, he's not actually talking with Blaine Gabbert.