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Is the Defense Fine?

Even though the defense finish up 6th overall from 28th overall in 2010, is the defense fixed? The answer for that question, if you look at some key stats and upcoming free agents, is no. Check after the break for whats wrong with the defense and what they can do to fix it.

One stat that really wasn't improved that much was the sack static. We finished 25th overall with 31 sacks for the 2011 season. Both of the starting defensive ends are free agents. Mincey is a good player but the problem with him is how much does he think that he is worth? I would love to have him back but with everything that I have read so far about him I think he thinks he is worth more then he really is. Roth is a good player too but he is more of a very good back up then a starter. Another thing that should be worrisome is the free agents that we have on defense. Rashean Mathis probably has already played his last game for the Jags, although he was having a great year he had a major injury and he is going to be 32 at the start of the year. But the free agent that is most important for the Jags to resign is Dwight Lowery. Looking at his stats for the year you might think that he was a back up (13 GP 36 TKL 2 INT 1 SCK ) but if you think back he never really made any mistakes,and he didn't get burned. Which I think is most important. And finally is injury history. The player that I worry about the most is Derek Cox. Since the Jags drafted him he only played 16 games one season and that was his rookie year. And that should be concerning because if Mathis isn't resigned or any big free agent isn't signed then this is the guy that is going to be the number 1 cornerback. Another player,which I don't think is as concerning but worth a mention, is Clint Sessions. He has been in the league for 5 seasons and only played all 16 games once ('08 with Indy). Also with his style of play and the new concussion policy I think that it's going to be hard for him to do it again.

So what can they do to fix these problems? For the sack problem they can always sign Mario Williams but the problem with that is he is going to want a huge contract and is that going to take away money from the Jags biggest need offense? But the only other DE thats would be worth the money is Cliff Avril but I can't see the Lions letting him leave. For cornerback the Jags need somebody to start opposite of Cox. The perfect person out there is Cortland Finnegan for two reasons. One he is a really good corner and two we will be taking the Titians starting corner. Finally for the injury problem there are only two things that you can do. First make sure you sign good depth and secondly cross your fingers and pray that nobody get hurt.