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Jaguars Shad Khan Speaks With Dan Hicken

New Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan has been making the media rounds and making some headlines. From saying that he would have drafted Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to wanting to play a home game in London. Khan also made headlines this week in Indianapolis while making the media rounds at Super Bowl XLVI by revealing the Jaguars will change their primary color to black and will have entirely new Nike uniforms for the 2013 season.

First Coast News sports director Dan Hicken sat down with a long one-on-one interview with the new Jaguars owner to discuss some of these things and the Jaguars. Watch the video after the jump. (Warning: It's long.)

More and more I'm loving Shad Khan the more he speaks to the media. While he might not always be politically correct when he speaks, you can tell what he says is very calculated and measured. I have a feeling Khan is going to be beloved by the vast majority of Jaguars fans if he's not already in a few years.