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Is OL the Jag's Biggest Need?

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The 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars season was a misery to watch. More than our 5-11 record, I truly believe the most frustrating thing to observe was the dreadful nature of our passing offense. The "what ifs" were mind boggling, especially seeing a healthy Maurice Jones-Drew and the drastic improvement of our atrocious defense from 2010. A mediocre offense and we very well could have been playing for a chance at the post season. But what is our biggest need going forward? Is it really "play making" wide receivers? While I do believe wideout is a position of need, I tend to think that this will be addressed in free agency. As mentioned in an earlier post, our top rated defense is truly lacking an elite pass rusher. We also have injury concerns at Cornerback and I am not going to get into the revolving door that has become Right Tackle. I do however believe offense line is where we need to focus our attention on the first day of the NFL draft. One has to look no further than the Falcons game where Blaine Gabbert could not even take a 3 step drop without intense pressure. Blaine is our franchise QB, and he needs to be protected. Eugene Monroe and Uche Nwaneri can both be counted on to play at a high level, but age and injuries leave glaring question marks at the other 3 spots. The familiar names are Matt Kalil, Riley Rieff, and Jonathan Martin, that said would an Offensive Line pick by Gene Smith bring out the pitch forks from Jaguar fans?