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Scouting Report #1: Andrew Luck

Here at BCC, I will be doing a scouting report for each one of the players on my big board, or atleast the first 25. I hope you enjoy, and leave some feedback, thanks.

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Andrew Luck - Quarterback, Stanford(Senior)

Height & Weight - 6'4" 235 lbs

Arm Strength - Very strong arm, it's no Ryan Mallet Cannon, but he can make any NFL throw, and puts great touch on his passes. The majority of his passes have plenty of "zip" on them.

Accuracy - Luck possesses good accuracy with a 71.3% completion percentage this past season, and a 70.7% completion percentage tin 2010. It can't get much better then that. He is accurate off the bootleg, and when throwing on the run, which he doesn't do too often, as he's very comfortable in the pocket. Can complete any pass, whether it's short, medium, deep, outside the numbers, or down the seam. Struggles when needed to quickly step up and fire off his pass, or when being flushed out of the pocket. I'd be nervous too, if 6'6" 270 lb guys were chasing me too.

Athleticism/Mobility - Many don't realize this, but Luck is an athlete. He's no Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, or Michael Vick. But he's also not Peyton Manning. It is the most underrated aspect of his game. He only had 150 yards on the ground this past season, but in 2010 he had 453 yards on the ground. Remember in NCAA football, sacks count against rushing numbers. He supposedly runs around a 4.7, which is quite good for a pocket passer. He can take care of the football, and knows when it's time to take off. He can move around the pocket to evade pressure well, and runs the bootleg, in either direction, very well.

Decision Making - Luck is very very smart. He is very good at looking off defenders. He is usually very comfortable in the pocket, he knows when to run, and he often knows where the pressure is coming from. He started trying to squeeze passes more often this past season, but that may because of his receivers' inability to get open/create separation.

Mechanics - Luck has a very quick release. He is also very comfortable under center, and from shotgun as they run a pro-style offense in Stanford. He goes through his progressions very well, and displays a natural rhythm when throwing the football. Has very good footwork. Also has a very good play fake.

Pocket Awareness - He is very impressive in the pocket, he knows where the pressure is coming from, and moves around the pocket well, but he's not like Gabbert, he doesn't fold up when he sees pressure. He keeps his eyes downfield, and will take a hit after he has thrown the ball. He's not scared to take a lick.

Player Comparison - Manning/Rodgers: He has all the tools that Manning has/had, and will probably turn into a great QB just like him. Great play fake, strong arm, good accuracy, good mechanics, and really great pocket awareness. The reason why Rodgers is included is because he has the underrated mobility that Aaron Rodgers has. Combine those two QBs, and polish him up, and I'd be scared to verse him.

Final Word: Andrew Luck sure looked like the #1 overall pick before he decided to return to school, before the 2011 season, the #1 overall pick was his to lose, and what did he do? He locked it up with another impressive season, all season long we knew whoever picked first, would either select Luck or trade out. Luck is just too good to pass up, and it looks like Luck will be selected by the Colts. You can quote me on this, Andrew Luck will be the best QB in the NFL in a few years after Brady and Manning retire, and the Colts are rebuilt. Let's just hope that that Wayne and Garcon leave Indy, and Luck has no receivers, in that case, we may be able to beat them next season.


Andrew Luck NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)