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Please Don't Let This Happen Again

Last year during the lockout there was one player that the Jaguars and the fans thought was guaranteed to be back and that was punter Adam Podlesh. But Podlesh didn't come back, he felt like the Jags didn't want him so he signed with the Bears for 5 years and $10 million. So since the Jags had a huge hole at the punter position they went out and signed Matt Turk for $2 million and a little more then $600 guaranteed. I'm not going to get into that they basically paid Turk what the Bears paid Podlesh for one year since it was more of he didn't feel wanted and it wasn't a money issue(that we know of). But the point I'm trying to make is please don't let this happen again. This year one of the best kickers in the is a free agent. Jaguars own Josh Scobee is a free agent. So Jaguars please don't assume that Scobee will resign. Please make him feel like he's your most wanted player. Please don't let this happen again.