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2012 NFL Combine, Blogger Edition

Well, remember when I told everyone earlier that Big Cat Country was going to be doing some YouTube videos? Well, our channel is now LIVE! You can subscribe to the channel by clicking this link. Typically new videos are going to populate in the right sidebar, just under the FanPost section. I'll also be posting companion pieces with video embedded, especially when it's pertinent like right now.

For the introductory Big Cat Country YouTube video, I bring to you the Blogger Combine. The 2012 NFL Combine is over with, so that means it's time for bloggers to get in on the action and prepare for free agency and the NFL Draft itself. So, how do bloggers get ready for the NFL offseason to make sure we're on our best game? We do things like run the 40-yard dash in the street of course.

Bet you guys didn't know I had that kind of speed, huh?

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