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Jaguars Won't Trade For Tebow. Stop It.

Well, with the news of Peyton Manning visiting the Denver Broncos and the reports of the Broncos willing to do whatever it takes to sign him, this has led everyone to wonder what the Broncos will to with quarterback Tim Tebow. Well, they will obviously trade him to the Jacksonville Jaguars! I mean, the Jaguars are clearly chomping at the bit to get Tim Tebow since they didn't draft him in 2010, when he was graded out as a late-round backup, and the same front office staff is still in place so they'll clearly trade for him.

Oh yeah, don't forget that Jaguars owner Shad Khan said he probably would have drafted Tebow at the time, but not with the tenth overall pick. This clearly means the Jaguars are willing to take the quarterback that the Broncos obviously do not want. I mean, he's FROM Jacksonville right? Clearly the Jaguars want him, since he didn't even live in Jacksonville proper, go to high school in Jacksonville, or was even born in Jacksonville. But, he did go to college an hour and a half southwest of Jacksonville and the Jaguars CLEARLY need to sell tickets. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Stop it, guys. Just... stop it.