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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Gene Frenette: Shahid Khan must back up words with dollars in free agency |

Shahid Khan has often stated since becoming the Jaguars' owner that his biggest adjustment is getting used to the public attention of being in an exclusive NFL fraternity. Well, one of the new members welcomed into the Forbes List billionaire club is going to soon find the spotlight ratcheting up even further. Because with the start of free agency at 4 p.m. today, we will learn how truly serious Khan is about making the Jaguars "the hottest ticket" in football. Khan talks a good game, but can he back it up by committing the money so this franchise can win the auction for a top NFL playmaker or two? That's exactly what the Jaguars' fan base has come to expect from an owner who has spoken publicly of spending to the cap, now at $120.6 million, and reaching the playoffs in 2012.

Jaguars rolled most of last year's leftover salary cap space into this year |

A provision in the collective bargaining agreement allowed teams to move any leftover money from last year's salary cap into this year's. The Jaguars took advantage of that and elected to roll around $30 million into this year's cap, according to a source. Figuring out how the Jaguars are going to spend once free agency opens (tomorrow at 4 p.m.) has been a bit like reading tea leaves.

Free-agency primer

The time is definitely approaching. That much we know. The NFL’s 2012 pro free agency period begins late Tuesday afternoon, and as general managers continue negotiating with their own free agents and making last-minute adjustments to free-agency boards, we offer this final 2012 free-agency primer. Who will the Jaguars sign? How active will they be?

Would Manning-Denver mean Tebow-Jax? - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Shahid Khan has said he would have drafted Tim Tebow. He doesn’t intend to tell general manager Gene Smith what to do, and he wouldn’t have drafted Tebow as high as 10th, which is where the Jaguars picked in 2010. But he said the chance to add a guy of Tebow’s magnitude, with the big local tie, is rare and he would have taken it. So ...