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Jaguars Handled Start Of Free Agency Poorly

While not a lot people expected the Jacksonville Jaguars to go out and sign lots of free agents when free agency officially opened on Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m., no one expected them to miss the boat like they did either. While the Washington Redskins threw a wrench in the gears by snapping up wide receivers Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan, and Eddie Royal, the Buffalo Bills also found themselves hosting Mario Williams and Robert Meachem on Thursday with both expected to sign in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars procured visits from both wide receiver Laurent Robinson and quarterback Chad Henne, but both have multiple teams also in pursuit of their services. Not only that, but with wide receivers flying off the market signing ridiculous contracts, Robinson's price is just going to increase. Couple this and the above with the fact that former Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey is currently being chased by five to six teams, including the Chicago Bears... the Jaguars defense could take a massive blow before the first day of free agency is done.

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The problem with the start to free agency isn't necessarily who the Jaguars missed on per say, but the fact that the Jaguars come away looking completely unprepared. I don't want to fully hit the panic button, because winning in free agency doesn't alway mean you win on the football field, but you certainly don't want to completely lose in free agency either.

Thudding out like this was not what the Jaguars needed, given the public momentum and excitement that had been built up to this point. Free agency is only five hours in, but it's not looking great at the moment.