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Who's ready for a quarterback controversy?

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On Thursday the Jacksonville Jaguars signed free agent quarterback Chad Henne to a two-year contract worth $6.5 million. The move made sense, because Henne is the type of young quarterback who can push Blaine Gabbert and give him a challenge in camp, and also get you by through a few games in a pinch. Though, new Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey just made it fun.

"He's coming in as a backup and competing for a starting job," Mularkey told the media at EverBank Field Thursday afternoon. "Right now Blaine's our starter."

Now, while plenty of people are going to take these comments and run with them, these are things Mularkey has to say. You don't want to just hand the job to Blaine Gabbert. You want to push him to get better and show why he's "that guy". These words from Mularkey should do nothing but motivate Gabbert to come into training camp fully prepared to take and hold on to the starting quarterback job.

Now, I fully expect barring injury that Blaine Gabbert is the opening day starter. However, if the competition is close or Henne comes in and is head and shoulders better than Gabbert, what does that say about the general manager the team just handed a three-year extension to, who traded up to the 10th overall pick to draft a guy who got beat out in training camp his second season by your new "backup". Eeesh.