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2012 NFL Draft: Jaguars Will Entertain Trading 7th Pick

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There has been recent speculation on Big Cat Country that the best opportunity for the Jaguars to trade down would be to trade with a team interested in Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Today at Everbank Field Gene Smith spoke to reporters and confirmed that the scenario is a very real possibility.

According to John Oehser of, Smith continued to speak about the possibilities of a trade down. "We would entertain that. That would be a consideration."

The most likely scenario for a team to trade up with Tannehill in mind would be if the Dolphins are unable to acquire a starting quarterback in free agency like Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning. That, in effect, would leave Miami desperate for a quarterback in the draft and force quarterback hungry teams (like the Browns, perhaps) to trade with the Jaguars, one spot ahead of the Dolphins, to select Tannehill.