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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Gene Smith Puts Emphasis on Getting HIgh Character Players |

Entering his fourth year as the Jaguars’ general manager, Gene Smith has made getting high character players a point of emphasis. He made the point again Friday when he lifted the tender on defensive tackle Nate Collins, making him a free agent. Collins was arrested recently on a charge of a small possession of marijuana. Collins was part of the defensive line rotation last year, playing in 12 games and making 15 tackles and scoring a touchdown on a fumble recovery against Tampa Bay.

NFL Confidential: Bills, Jaguars take different approaches in free agency |

When the NFL awarded Jacksonville a franchise in 1993, it was touting the city as the Green Bay of the south. As it turns out, the Jaguars are more like the Buffalo of the south. The two franchises are quite similar. Both are small-market teams (Jacksonville is the 49th TV market and Buffalo is 51st) in blue-collar cities with stadiums that are too big for the size of the market. Jacksonville has 67,246 seats with tarps on almost 10,000 more and Buffalo has 73,967.

Another piece in place

A year ago, Dwight Lowery wouldn’t have imagined this. Then again, this time last year Lowery said what he knew about the Jaguars came down to the team’s reputation and its uniform color – that and the presence of a certain Pro Bowl running back. Fast forward a year, and Lowery now is a core player on one of the league’s most improved defenses. As of Friday, it’s official he will remain that way. Jags Stuck in Neutral

The Jaguars aren't going to have people beating down the doors of the ticket office after staying mostly dormant early on in the free agency process. The Jacksonville Jaguars look no worse on paper than they did at the end of the season. In the first 12 or so hours of free agency, Jacksonville managed to re-sign leading sack man Jeremy M