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New Jaguar Uniform Artist Renderings:

Fans of traditional football uniforms may want to avert their eyes come 2013, because the new Jaguars jerseys are rumored to be radical.... The Jaguars are rumored to be embracing Nike’s far-out aesthetic and their new uniforms will apparently be quite a site to see.

Please remember that they are only fan-made concepts and not an indication of what we’ll actually see on the field in 2013...but they were too good. I had to post it. They show three different versions of what the jerseys could look like. I'll post the pics below, but definitely take a look at the article too.

Jaguars vmd9 non-black Jags look:


Jaguars lenardo black Jags look:


Jaguars ccfan95 more radical black Jags look:


You can see the rest of the article here. I'm actually a fan of the radical option. Should really get ppl excited if it's anywhere near that look.