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Franchise Tag-The Jaguars Kryptonite:

As you've probably already realized this years free agent market is slowly morphing into a pretty average FA class. With news today that Atlanta will indeed be franchise tagging Brent Grimes the market becomes just that much more cut throat for the Jags in the coming weeks. Per Adam Schefler,

"Falcons will place Franchise Tag on Brent Grimes"

With the Eagles already franchising D. Jackson yesterday, he joins Dwayne Bowe as another receiver who knows their 2012 fate.

Now hearing rumblings that both the Bills and the Chargers may franchise Stevie Johnson and Vincent Jackson if they cannot come to an agreement, the free agent Corner and WR cupboard may be a little more bare than we initially guessed...Anytime you have one less quality player on the market it's never good. You never want to be the one patient/smart team bidding against the impulsive overpayers in a slowly diminishing market **cough, cough, Atlanta, Dallas, NY Jets**

As the WR/CB FA market shrinks the chances of us drafting those positions within the first two rounds increases. The good news (for now) is that the DE free agent pool still looks alive and strong. But, as we all know...that could change by the end of today...wait and see.....wait and see...

Other "good" news (depending on who you ask) is that the Titans will not franchise tag Cortland Finnegan as most previously thought they may. Per Adam Shefler,

"Titans will not place their franchise tag on cornerback Cortland Finnegan, allowing him to become an unrestricted free agent."

It goes without saying that he will be on the Jaguars radar.