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Tebow Chooses Jets Over Jaguars According To Report

Adam Schefter reported earlier this morning that the Jets had agreed to a trade with the Denver Broncos for Tim Tebow, but when a stipulation came in that they had to pay $5M to the Broncos due to Tebow's contract, the deal was off. With the deal off the Jaguars reportedly jumped back into the mix and tried to take advantage of the opportunity that Tebow was back on the market.

After many hours Schefter reported that the Broncos would allow Tebow to make the decision for himself whether he'd rather play for the Jaguars or the Jets and according to Schefter, he felt the Jets were a better fit.

The Jets have agreed to send a fourth and sixth rounder in this year's draft to Denver in exchange for Tebow and a seventh rounder while paying half of the $5M that caused the snag in the trade earlier.

We'll have more on the situation at BCC, but to put it shortly...this is absolutely ideal.