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A Letter To The Owner Of The Jaguars

Note: This will be the last post I put up with Tebow's name in it until he somehow becomes relevant to the Jaguars again.

Dear Mr. Khan,

Whew that was close. I almost really didn't like you any more. Actually, had the trade gone through and the Jaguars acquired Tim Tebow I probably would've hated you.

I'm certainly not happy that you tried, but I guess no harm was done and I have to admit that it was worth a pretty good laugh when Tebow picked against coming home and instead chose the Jets. That's just good comedy, but I digress.

You said in your statement that this was a move that was considered "given the unique circumstances involving the player." Allow me to be the first to say that I certainly hope the circumstances are unique and hopefully this isn't just the first of a pattern of poor decision making.

Giving up a 4th round pick for a third string quarterback who would play no more than five snaps a game as a role player is a joke, but it's not the trade compensation that's the issue. It's the notion that you would be willing to circumvent the decisions of the professional talent evaluators you have in place to make a decision that has no intent to make the Jacksonville Jaguars a better football team.

We're Jaguars fans and those of us that have supported the team through the last 12 years of, frankly, subpar football only ask that the moves that you make are with the intent to improve the product on the field.

It's fairly obvious that winning is what matters in the NFL. The Indianapolis Colts were on the brink of relocation before Peyton Manning turned them into a perennial power and now they have a brand new stadium that has been sold out weekly.

The Tim Tebow show in Denver was all ESPN and the national media talked about in November, but when the Broncos lost the last three games of the season he became a back story.

Winning is exciting, losing is boring. The only good business decision that makes sense is to build a team that is ready to win.

The Jaguars don't need a recycled story to bring prominence to Jacksonville and sell more tickets, you need to build a team. I would rather see the team celebrated for the superstars that rose to fame on the path to success with the Jaguars.

I do not believe that Tim Tebow is a good quarterback as do many others, including the Broncos, obviously, as well as almost every other team in the NFL as was clearly evidenced yesterday. I have about as much personal bias against Tebow as I do against Don Carey. Both are great guys. Both are very religious. I don't want either having a significant role on the Jaguars.

It's not "hate." It's an evaluation that having watched him play, makes me think he's not a good player.

Ultimately, though, what concerns me is that you would consider going after a player for no other reason than to appeal to and excite those that look for any excuse to hate the Jaguars and turn their back on them. By doing that, you're turning your back on us, the real fans. We just want you to commit yourself to building a winner.

Maybe it's corny, but I'm going to quote "Field of Dreams." "Build it and they will come." It's as simple as that.

Build a successful football team and you'll get your fans in the seats. The Jaguars don't need gimmicks to make up for that.

Adam Stites