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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

A good faith effort -

Mularkey said while the team’s effort to trade for Tim Tebow was both intriguing and event-filled, he also said the team was satisfied it had done all it could in an effort to acquire the former Denver Broncos and University of Florida standout.

Jaguars pursued Tim Tebow, but how hard? |

Tim Tebow’s arrival in New York was live tweeted. Fans greeted him at the stadium. The New York Daily News mocked up a graphic of the Statue of Liberty kneeling in prayer, with a hand on her head — Tebowing — as it was called during his improbable beginning as the Broncos starter last season.

.No time for frustration -

John Chick is recovering from a patellar tendon injury, and because that’s a knee injury and because he uses his knee quite extensively in his role as a defensive end for the Jaguars, Chick won’t say his situation is without concerns or issues.