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Pre-draft AFC South Power Rankings

When scouring the internet to satisfy my insatiable football hunger I came upon this ESPN NFL Pre-draft rankings. Thought I would see how the AFC South is viewed...

As it stands there are not many surprises here for anyone who has been able to keep up on free agency this off season.

The Texans are good but potentially getting worse. The Titans are middle of the pack with some kinks in the armor. The Jaguars are toward the bottom but potentially improving slowly. And the Colts are dead last after gutting their roster and starting anew from last year's laughing stock.


Have lost a great deal: Mario Williams, Eric Winston, DeMeco Ryans and Mike Brisiel. (Kuharsky)


Added one veteran to both lines, but still need more help. (Kuharsky)


The defense is near championship caliber. The offense is an entirely different story. (Kuharsky)


Indianapolis could draft first again in 2013. Matt Barkley could bring a nice trade package. (Kuharsky)

3/4 of the AFC South is in the bottom half of the NFL as it stands and the Texans have some off season major holes to fill. While it's important to note that the Texans will likely be worse than last year they just as easily could be much better depending on the year-long health status of Andre Johnson and Matt Schuab. Johnson and other WR Kevin Walter are both turning 31 before the season. The Texans also lost the Captain of their defense LB DeMeco Ryans, and their full back Lawrence Vickers signed with the Cowboys (who seem ready to go back to their I-formation days - more on that come fantasy football draft time).

The Titans haven't made any earth-shattering changes in this year's FA Market either to make me feel that they would be much different-though CJ2K having a full off season program may not bode well for us against them. They also lost one of their cornerstones of their defense in Cortland Finnegan to the Rams. Expect them to draft a DE and/or center in the first two rounds. Possibly may even draft a safety in rounds 2/3 also (after franchising Michael Griffin, they still must improve the other safety spot).

The Colts have a ways to go after getting rid of essentially everyone...(C Jeff Saturday, WR Pierre Garcon, LT Ryan Diem, TE Dallas Clark, TE Jacob Tammie, RB Joesph Addai, defensive captains LB Gary Brackett & SS Melvin Bullitt, and of course Manning). Let's just say for the sake of argument they lost the whole team...

And then the Jags................................

I don't care what anyone says, this conference is surely up for grabs. Without all comes down to the draft and free agency (between now and when camp cuts begin). Let's do this Gene. Find me a pass rushing DE and #1 Receiver dude!