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2012 NFL Draft: Who could be "the next Calvin Johnson"?

UPDATED: To add Brian Quick-who I do not believe has the speed or jumping ability to be a true deep threat (why he was initially omitted). While he definitely has the size/height to out jump defenders, a 6'4 guy who only jumps 34" is the equivalent of a 6'0" WR that has a 38" vertical. You better have speed or quickness to make up for that. Quick has neither. He won't out-muscle/out-jump corners at the NFL level. (4.51 Pro Day, 4.55 Combine 40 y/d) My two cents. #Added

When reading the fanposts this afternoon MFJfan32 did me a major favor by bringing to my attention Sports Science of Justin Blackmon. In the words of MJDfan,

"As you see on that video he is a straight up beast."

I then took it upon myself to take a look at the other Sports Science videos available. Apparently, everyone they video looks poised to be on the next All-Pro Team (Example A- Colt McCoy Sports Science, Example B- John Skelton Sports Science).

But it did serve one purpose for me at least. It got me wondering, in five years will we be the NFL generation saying, "when he was drafted I just knew _______ ________ would be the next Calvin Johnson!" (Calvin Johnson on Sports Science). After the jump we'll take a look at this years' WRs who share at least some semblance of Johnson-esque physical traits from the 2012 draft (Must share some vertical jump, speed, broad jump, etc combination -No matter what they must either meet the minimum height requirement of 6'2 or have one heck of a vertical leap- 6'2" is still three inches shorter than Johnson). Last year was A.J. Green. Who's this years'?

Let's hit the jump.

First here are Johnson's stats:

Height: 6'5' Weight: 235 lbs, Arm Length: 33 3/8, 40 yard dash: 4.35, Vertical: 45 inches, Broad Jump: 11'7,

Player/School Height Weight Arm Length 40 y/d Vertical Broad Jump Draft Projection

Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma State)

See his draft profile here

6'1 207 32 1/2 4.46 35 10'4 1st Round picks 4-7

Marvin McNutt (Iowa)

See his draft day profile here

6'3 216 32


37 10'2 Late round 3 to 5

A.J. Jenkins (Illinois)

See his draft day profile here

6'0 190 32 3/4 4.39 38.5 10'4 Late round 3-5

Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)

See his draft day profile here

6'3 220 32 7/8 4.47 36.5 10'2 Mid-late round 1

Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech)

See his draft day profile here

6'4* 215 33 3/8*** 4.36* 39.5* 11'1* Rounds 1-2

Tommy Streeter (Miami)

See his draft day profile here

6'5*** 219 34 3/4*** 4.40 33.5 10'5 Rounds 3-4

Chris Owusu (Stanford)

See his draft day profile here


220 31 3/4 4.36* 40.5* 10'9 Early round 5-7

Alshon Jeffery (South Carolina)

See his draft day profile here

6'3 216 33" TBD at 3/28 Pro Day Late round 1-2

Brian Quick (Appalachian State)__

See his draft day profile here

6'4*__ 220___ 34 1/4***__ 4.55-- 34____ 9'11_____ Rounds 2-3______

*** Items are equal to or better than Megatron

* Items do not equal or surpass Johnson but are pretty impressive against pretty much anyone else in the NFL.

One poll and one extra question for you today BCC: Just picking your brain...

In a separate but interesting question for the comments section I ask you, "which WR will be the best pick for their draft position this year?" (In other words, where's the Gene Smith Dollar Tree deal?) Comment below!