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Jaguars Receive No Compensatory Draft Picks For 2012 Draft

At the annual NFL owners meetings in Palm Beach, the compensatory draft picks were released today and, not surprisingly, the Jaguars were not on the receiving end of any pick.

Compensatory draft picks are designed to help teams that lost in free agency in the year prior. Teams that lose key free agents to the open market are "compensated" with draft picks in the following year's draft. Losing a free agent though, can be nullified by signing big free agents of your own.

So although the Jaguars lost free agents like Justin Durant to the Lions, Adam Podlesh to the Bears and Kirk Morrison to the Bills, their signings in the 2011 free agency period canceled those losses out. With a huge free agency spending spree on defense during the 2011 summer that included Clint Session, Paul Posluszny, Drew Coleman and Dawan Landry, it's no surprise that the Jaguars did not receive a draft pick.