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Aaron Ross, Rashean Mathis To Compete For Jaguars Starting CB Role

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed former New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross last week, a move that went a bit under the radar because of the whole hoopla with the Tim Tebow trade. The addition of Ross strengthens the overall depth of the Jaguars secondary, something that was really tested last season with all of the injuries. The Jaguars also brought back Mathis, who's recovering from a torn ACL, but according to head coach Mike Mularkey the starting cornerback position opposite Derek Cox is an open competition.

Some might think if Mathis loses out on this, he'll wind up being released. I seriously doubt that is the case however, given the situation last season and the fact that if Mathis isn't starting he's insanely cheap and too valuable not to have on the roster. I think ultimately Mathis will probably win the job with Ross pushing Drew Coleman down the depth chart, but you can never have too many talented corners.