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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Gene Frenette: Jaguars' owner Shad Khan wise to avoid playing GM |

Whether it's the Dallas Cowboys' micromanaging Jerry Jones, who adds general manager to his title, or a hands-off type such as the New York Giants' John Mara, NFL owners vary in how much they invoke executive privilege on personnel decisions. The Jaguars' Shad Khan felt pretty strongly about acquiring Tim Tebow, which led to his obvious nudging of GM Gene Smith and the front office to make a push to trade for the quarterback. For the franchise's betterment, that should be a rare exception. Talent evaluations and putting a market value on players is something that should be left to scouts and others hired for that specific job.

Exciting possibilities

The week was different from 17-odd years ago, something Mark Lamping didn’t mind a bit. Lamping early this week attended his first NFL Owners Meetings as the Jaguars’ president, and as he did, he said he recalled a similar experience that in one sense wasn’t similar at all. This was mid-September, 1994. Major League Baseball players were on strike, Lamping was two weeks into his job as St. Louis Cardinals President and league owners were meeting to decide the fate of the World Series.

Presenting the NFL Draft Machine - AFC South Blog - ESPN

You don’t want to be the only kid in the neighborhood without your own mock draft, do you? I mean everybody’s got one. We are facilitating you piecing together your own. Presenting ESPN’s 2012 NFL Draft Machine. I’ll give you a starter hint: Slide Andrew Luck’s name next to the Colts at No. 1.

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