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NFL Rule Changes: Change To OT And Replay

At the NFL Owners Meetings, often times the league will vote on rule changes that the competition committee has recommended. The league has approved two rule changes this season, one of which will have a big impact on games going to overtime. They playoff overtime changes that were in place last year will now be in place for all regular season games. There were questions raised about why the regular season and the playoffs had different rules for overtime, but now both will have the same rules.

Another area that has changed is that replay officials will now review all turnovers automatically, similar to how the league decided to review all scoring plays during the 2011 season. This will remove the need for a lot of challenge flags, given that the vast majority are used for the likes of interceptions, fumbles, and touchdowns. One has to wonder if the league will simply just remover challenges and automatically review questionable plays in the future.