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Jaguars Planning Big Improvements, Not Just On The Football Field

When Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan talked about revitalizing the Jaguars, he meant much more than just the team on the field and the fan base. There will be a lot of changes in EverBank Field as well. The team plans to upgrade their beer lines in the stadium, which I felt was the most important thing to mention because they're not much more important than fresh, clean, cold beer. The team will also be upgraded and expanding the sound system in the stadium as well as adding more LCD televisions posted around the areas inside the stadium, such as the walk way ramps.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan talks with Forbes

Khan plans on using his business expertise to help grow the team and the Jaguars brand. "I think that listening to the customer, that is huge. Having a sense of humility and listening to the people, that's what I've been doing," Khan told Forbes. "Going out and talking to the people, having call in radio shows. Certainly this is a small town and now I can be pretty much recognized anywhere."

Khan also talks again about his moustache and the outpouring of support the fans showed in the first home game after the announced sale of the team. He mentioned that it really turned into a stimulus plan for Jacksonville will all the creative t-shirts and he can't remember how many he's wound up signing. Khan also speaks about expanding the fan base, especially during tough financial times. Khan mentions now Jacksonville is well known overseas now, and sees lots of opportunities for the team and the city to help Jacksonville internationally.