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2012 NFL Free Agency: Vincent Jackson Will Be Heavily Pursued

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are likely to target at least one wide receiver in free agency this offseason, but the question is which one will it be. In my 2012 Free Agency Primer I left off one big name free agent wide receiver, Vincent Jackson. I've had a lot of people question leaving Jackson off the list of interested wide receivers, but it wasn't done by accident. Jackson is expected to be pursued by quite a few teams, which means his price tag is going to be very, very high. While the Jaguars have plenty of cap room, I don't believe Jackson is the kind of player the team is going to put all it's eggs in.

Jackson is expected to get between $10-12 million per year on a five-year deal. There are believed to be at least six teams interested in the services of the wide receiver whose average per catch over the past four seasons is tops in the NFL among those with more than 152 receptions.

With all the possible suitors, it's likely Jackson clocks in at the $12 million per year area, or more. Given that Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson just signed a deal paying him roughly $7 million per year, this means that Jackson will cost nearly twice as much per season. Is Jackson that much better than Johnson, especially with all of his baggage?