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Jaguars Interested In HBO 'Hard Knocks'

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan has made it part of his mission to give the Jaguars a "rebirth" and wants to make the Jaguars an international brand. Part of his plan to do this is to get the Jaguars in the regular rotation of playing overseas in Europe and potentially in other countries around the world. Another method in which Khan can create exposure and branding for the Jaguars is getting them on HBO's primetime show "Hard Knocks". Many figured the New York Jets would on the show with the acquisition of Tim Tebow, but according to a report the Jets aren't interested, but the Jaguars are.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, ranked last in the latest Harris Interactive Poll for league popularity, have told HBO they would love to do the show.

This should come as no shock that Khan is interested in getting exposure for the franchise on the wildly popular HBO series. The Jaguars were featured on a similar show that aired on NFL Network, "Jaguars Summer" back during the 2004 NFL season.