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Blaine Gabbert Knows Only His Play On Field Will Silence Critics

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Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert has been highly scrutinized early in his NFL career, mainly the questions about his toughness have been the issue. Gabbert did have issues dealing with pressure in the pocket during his rookie season and is something he at times had issues with in college. There's no one thing a player can do to fix their pocket presence other than simply playing.

Recently, Gabbert appeared on the Pete Prisco Show on Sports Radio 930 to talk about some of his criticisms and what he's doing to get ready for the new season. "The biggest thing is I have got to respond on the football field," Gabbert told Prisco when he was asked about his critics concerns with his toughness. "Everybody is going to have their criticisms of certain quarterbacks throughout the league and that's just mine."

Gabbert understands it comes with the territory of playing quarterback in the NFL. "Some of it's necessary and some of it's unnecessary, but the biggest thing that I worry about is how I come across to my coaches and my teammates. That's all that matters to me," said Gabbert. "Their opinions are the ones that I value and if they are saying I am doing a good job I'll take their word for it."

During the interview Gabbert also touched on that he's picked Matt Ryan's brain a bit about new head coach Mike Mularkey's offense and noted he took a little bit of time off, but jumped right into learning the playbook and getting the offense down so he's prepared by the time camp rolls around.

You can listen to the full interview here: