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Jaguars Draft: The Curious Case Of Wide Receiver

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One of the biggest areas the Jacksonville Jaguars will need to address at some point in the 2012 NFL Draft is the wide receiver position. It's clearly a big area of need and quite a few Jaguars fans feel like it's a position the Jaguars should address in the first round. Personally, I don't feel the Jaguars will address wide receiver in the draft early in the first-round, mainly because of the overall depth of the wide receiver class, but I wouldn't be totally shocked if it happened. As I've mentioned before, I think Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd are kind of "forced" as the elite receiver talent because there isn't necessarily "that" guy in this years class.

The big name for a lot of Jaguars fans is of course Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. We all know my feelings on Justin Blackmon, but he's still likely going to be a high pick in the first-round despite some reports that some General Managers consider Blackmon a second-round talent. As I mentioned I don't think they will draft a wide receiver early on, I'm not going to completely rule the possibility out.

The Jaguars could have their pick of Blackmon and Notre Dame's Michael Floyd available to them at the No. 7 overall pick in the first-round and I don't think many people would blame the Jaguars if they decided to pull the trigger. I wouldn't necessarily be upset if the Jaguars did decide to draft either Floyd or Blackmon with the No. 7 overall pick. Obviously, I won't think they really got value in the pick, but I completely understand the need to make it.

You never want to "draft for the fans", but Jaguars fans have been starved for a playmaker on offense outside of the running back position for years. I can't blame the front office too much for taking that swing and trying to get that guy in the first round that's been missing since Jimmy Smith retired. It's not only the fans who have been starved for that, the team itself has.

It's one of those ol'... I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed type things.

Again, this isn't to say I think either are not going to be good players in the NFL, I just don't see either as that type of go-to receiver that you typically draft that high. If the Jaguars decide to do so though, I get it.