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Jaguars Announce Signings Of Three Players

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The Jaguars announced the signing of three first-year players on Monday afternoon, including two players that spent time during the 2011 training camp/preseason with the team. Defensive tackle David Howard, kicker Sam Swank and linebacker JoJo Dickson were all announced in a press release.

Howard was a 2010 seventh round draft pick of the Titans before stints with the Raiders and Seahawks, but has not seen action in an NFL game. Swank, who spent some of the 2011 preseason on the Jaguars after bouncing between the Eagles, Bengals and Giants, came into the league as an undrafted free agent in 2009. Dickson signed with the Jaguars in undrafted free agency in 2011, but was released one week into training camp.

None of the three players have made an official 53-man roster, but have managed to earn themselves multiple chances in training camps. Lengths and terms of the contracts are undisclosed.