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BREAKING: Blaine Gabbert Goes Reverse Samson

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I have some very important and breaking news on Tuesday morning. To start the voluntary offseason workouts, Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert was in EverBank field around 8 a.m. EST studying fim and getting ready for the official start of the 2012 offseason. There were some rumors and hints on Twitter last night that Gabbert would be cutting his hair. The official Jaguars Twitter account has confirmed such rumors.

There are no pictures available at this time, as Gabbert made everyone promise not to TwitPic his new hair cut. Gabbert will be at a press conference sometime today, so we can expect an official look at what his new haircut looks like.

I cannot confirm that Gabbert cutting his hair will give him reverse Samson super powers, but I would not rule out the possibility.