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Jaguars Schedule to be Released Soon!

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The 2012/2013 schedule is going to be released tonight live on NFL Network at 7 PM. The Jacksonville Jaguars have a 2012 home lineup that includes matchups vs. the Jets, Bengals, Bears, Lions, Patriots and division rivals Colts, Titans and Texans. Away games feature the Bills, Dolphins, Packers, Vikings and Raiders as well as our AFC counterparts.

On paper this may look like an extremely difficult schedule, as our boys will face a true murderer’s row of NFL offenses, but it is important to always keep two things in mind. First, we play the same schedule as the rest of the AFC, and because of our brutal season last year, ours should be favorable. I mention "should be", because the second variable to consider is that we will never know how the season will play out in the future. Injuries, adversity, weather (see Carolina) are some factors that play a huge role in the difficulty (or lack thereof) of any a potential matchup. Who would have thought that in 2010 season we would blow out the Cowboys in Dallas? Looking at last year, did we ever envision a Manningless Colts?

While we all eagerly await this announcement and any potential prime time games, I for one am praying to the football gods that we open the season vs. the New York Jets in the friendly confines of Everbank Field! I cannot concoct a better way to start the season. Please, please, please make this happen!