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Jaguars 2012 Schedule Set; Jags Will Play One Prime Time Game

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In what should come as a shock to no one, the Jaguars were passed over in consideration for Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football consideration following a 5-11 season that featured a 24-point loss to the Chargers on a Monday night and a 27-point loss to the Falcons on a Thursday night.

While they did win a 12-7 game against the Ravens at home on a Monday night, ESPN pundits publicly blasted the Jaguars for their poor primetime performances and Gregg Rosenthal wrote on this morning that the Jaguars were the team he wanted to see the least of in primetime in 2012.

However, the NFL ensured that each team would have at least one game on a Thursday night on NFL Network and for the Jaguars it will be at home against the Indianapolis Colts on November 8. The Jaguars faced the Colts on Thursday nights in both 2008 and 2009.