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What do you think of the Jaguars schedule?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars 2012 NFL Schedule was released along with the rest of the league. We knew who the opponents were already, but now we know when and what time. We can also now look at some of the matchups in the schedule, where they fall, and which parts will be tough.

Here's a few of my thoughts on the schedule:

  • The Jaguars got just one primetime game on Thursday night against the Colts. This has kind of become the "token" primetime game for the Jaguars. It shouldn't really be a shock the team only got one primetime game this year. They had three last year and all three games were duds, plus the team went 5-11.
  • The team alternates road and home games through the first month of the season, which is fine, but it's always better to have a home opener to start the season. Just something different about it after the preseason build up.
  • The Jaguars bye week is early in the season, so they'll have to grind through the latter half of the season and hope to stay healthy. There won't be a mid-season break this time.
  • There's a stretch in the schedule where the Jaguars have a bye week and then back to back road games, including a dreaded west coast trip. This stinks for fans in Jacksonville because you won't see live NFL football for nearly a month. For me, that always seems deflating in the middle of the year.