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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Will Brinson Has Jaguars Trading Down

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We've talked quite a bit about the Jacksonville Jaguars trading down in the NFL draft and have even done a few mock drafts here that have the team moving down into the mid-teens and selecting a defensive lineman. The Jaguars have been overtly public about the potential of trading down, but Will Brinson of CBS Sports is the first I can think of that actually has the Jaguars trading down in a mock draft from the "national guys".

12. Jacksonville Jaguars (Mock trade from Seattle)

Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis: This pick wouldn't be here were it not for Terrance Knighton's eye injury. Now the position could be a big concern. And it's not like Gene Smith won't skip "need" for "best random player with a lower pre-draft profile" anyway.

Brinson has the Seattle Seahawks move up for Ryan Tannehill, but he doesn't really detail what the compensation would be. I'd guess it would be just a second-round pick or maybe a third-round and a fifth-round pick. As far as his pick is concerned, I'm not sure the Jaguars would draft Poe. I think given what's available, they would likely wind up taking Fletcher Cox or David DeCastro instead.