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The Jacksonville Jaguars could find themselves in a bit of a pickle during the 2012 NFL Draft. The chance of wide receiver Justin Blackmon being on the board at No. 7 looks exceedingly more likely, and according to Jason La Canfora, the Jaguars like Blackmon more than they do Michael Floyd. This shouldn't be a real shocker, as Blackmon is a "safer" pick that Foyd is.

It's also likely the Jaguars wind up at No. 7 with Ryan Tannehill still on the board. So, if the Jaguars are sitting there with Justin Blackmon staring them in the face and Ryan Tannehill still available for a team to try and jump the Miami Dolphins. So, the questions comes up: WHAT DO YOU DO?

Do you try to address the wide receiver position and pull the trigger on Justin Blackmon, or do you take what you can get in a trade for another team's possible franchise quarterback?