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Monday Mailbag And Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Jaguars get head start to offseason program, but coaches limited |

Alfie Crow answers this weeks mailbag.

The wait is finally over for the Jaguars’ new coaching staff. They’ll finally have the opportunity to interact with players on Monday when the offseason workout program begins — but only on a limited basis. Under the rules in the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement, coaches haven’t been allowed to do any coaching of players so far this offseason. And players aren’t allowed to practice on their own at the team facility.

Jacksonville native A.J. Jenkins is preparing for a busy pre-draft schedule |

A.J. Jenkins was finishing up some homework when he took a break for an interview this afternoon. The Terry Parker High graduate still has seven credits to go before completing his degree in communications from the University of Illinois. He's talking two labor relations classes and one sociology class. Two online and one on campus. Finishing that is important to Jenkins, but it doesn't come without scheduling issues. His pre-draft schedule is pretty busy.

Analyzing the Jaguars’ Mock Drafts - Black and Teal - A Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

As the pro-days start winding down and the draft approaches, mock drafts around the web are starting to look more similar, but there are still some contrasting views on who the Jaguars should take at the 7 spot. One of our newest writers, Antonio, made the case for Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd. Let’s break down some of the other mock draft picks around the web for the Jaguars.

The beauty of single elimination playoffs | March

It's Saturday, and there's not much going on around the Jaguars right now, so I'm going to take this opportunity to point out the greatness of the single elimination playoff. We're nearing the end of one of the greatest sporting months of the year with March Madness, and it's that madness that makes such a system great.