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Chad Ochocinco Wants To Fight Greg Jones

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco I guess decided to challenge Jacksonville Jaguars fullback Greg Jones to a fight. Why on Earth would you do such a thing?

Now, if I were to choose an NFL player to fight against ,Greg Jones would not be one of them. I get to see Greg Jones up close and personal at Jaguars training camp and let's just say that I don't want 6'1" 255 pound Jones to ever be angry at me.

Update: Greg Jones is down to rumble.

Here are a few examples of why I would not want to fight Greg Jones after the jump.

Maybe Chad can have a conversation with Dexter Reid. Or Lamarr Woodley. Or Andra Davis. Or Troy Polamalu. Or the 2005 Baltimore Ravens defense. Or Sean Taylor (RIP). Or the entire Clemson defense.